A nice smile enhances self esteem and improves confidence. Orthodontic treatment realigns your own teeth resulting in a naturally beautiful smile that can last forever. Orthodontics is a specialist treatment that aims to improve facial and dental function and aesthetics. At Manor Clinic we use removable or fixed types of treatment to move your teeth into an optimal position to provide a healthy and attractive smile. With the development of invisible and tooth coloured appliances, braces are far more discreet than ever before. New generations of appliances are also available to provide faster treatment. Orthodontic treatment has now become more acceptable by adults as well as children.

At your initial appointment, your facial form, jaw relationship and tooth positions will be assessed to ascertain your specific treatment needs. Treatment options will be discussed and an appropriate treatment plan formulated. Call us and book an appointment for a informal chat (cost £25) and we will be able to explain the treatment and answer any questions.


Manor Orthodontic and Implant Clinic
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Last updated 1st January 2016